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The site you are currently visiting is run by the Network Operations Division of Sileman LLC and is focused on technical aspects of our services. The main company website is located under http://www.sileman.pl (not available in English!).

Sileman LLC. is a local Internet Service Provider, delivering its services mainly through cable networks and Ethernet installations. We offer mainly 1 - 8 Mb/s Internet access services while ocassionally serving larger volumes and setting up transit services through our small optical backbone network (60km).

Our service area consists of four adjacent cities in Upper Silesia, which is an industrial region in southern Poland (Europe):

  • Bytom, Poland (population around 200 000),
  • Ruda Slaska, Poland (population around 150 000),
  • Radzionkow, Poland (population around 18 000),
  • Mikolow, Poland (population around 40 000).

The company is a full member of RIPE NCC, an organization managing Internet resources in the European region.

Technical information on Internet connectivity

We maintain a separate Autonomous System (AS 30851) that peers with:


Please send inquiries and comments about our services, routing policy etc. to p@sileman.pl.

The e-mail address for reporting abuse events is buse.contact@sileman.pl. Please note that we DO NOT respond to automatically generated reports.

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